Gemma's Picks for April 2024

Gemma's Picks for April 2024

As we come into the month of April a sneak peak of summer follows, lets refresh our spaces as we come into the new season. For the month of  April I have curated my favorite finds that you can purchase for your own spaces to welcome this new season of sunshine!


Source: Restoration Hardware
Source: Restoration Hardware
Pick 1: The Maxime Sofa
The Maxime Sofa is the perfect new piece for your living room with it's sophistication and class but it's fluidity in form. This piece is made in Italy and is ensured to last. Our textile picks for this piece are light and comforting; Natural Linen, Dove Performance Velvet, and Mist Two-Tone Linen.
Source: Anthropologie
Source: Anthropologie 
Pick 2: Burl Wood Table Lamp
Burlwood is a timeless wood grain that is cut from from growths on trees that happen when they have an illness or infection. Burlwood is often used as a veneer, what a beautiful product that stemmed from an illness! This lamp will go with any palette and can be styled during every season. 

Aer Vase
Source: Audo
Pick 3: Aer Vase Designed by Gabriel Tan
The organic contours of the Aer Vase are perfect for spring, exuding an ethereal elegance that enhances the beauty of any flowers it holds. Having a statement vase on your console table, coffee table or night stand is a must to bring true luxury to space. At Form and Function Co., we look forward updating our floral arrangements every Sunday, it sets the tone for a new week marking it as a fresh start.
Crafted from Turkish silk, this pillow showcases the craftsmanship and quality of hand-loomed fabric, with its subtle variations in sheen and pattern under different lighting conditions and applications. It's a testament to the way natural materials can infuse depth and narrative into interior design. Not only do these pillows come in a captivating pale olive hue, but they also possess their own distinctive character and richness. 
Source: West Elm

Pick #5: TENCEL™ Frame Rug 

The West Elm Frame rug is a great way to bring subtle color into a space that plays with any palette. Here at Form and Function Co. we consider green to be a must have hue in any space whether that be through foliage, textiles or finishes. This rug is not only appealing to the eye but is built to last, it is composed of TENCEL™ fibers that make it extra durable for cleaning. This is a must have for the price and quality.  Stay tuned as we showcase the Frame Rug in sand, soon to grace our Alpine Oasis project with its stylish presence!

Pick #6:Coffee Table Books...They are Here to Stay

Coffee table books have recently become a controversial topic, are they in or out? We think that coffee table books are a great way to accessorize a coffee table and also show off one's personal interests whether that be fashion, travel or science. When styling Consider placing a coffee table book on a spacious surface crafted from marble, glass, or wood, as it will accentuate both the scale of the furniture piece and can compliment the surrounding palette. Coffee table books can help bring a pop of color into a space by bringing out the more vibrant hues of area rugs and paintings!

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